Blind Assistive Technologies
Learning Device for the Visually Impaired

Our Goals

The Blind Assistive Technologies (B.A.T.) Team will design and prototype a flexible system that transitions from teaching visually impaired students how to read Braille using the 3-by-2 dot system to teaching how to type Braille using the inline six-dot system, utilizing the more modern “keyboard” format of the computer input interface found on many popular devices.

The proposed device will include an audio feedback system that will guide students while using the system. It will assist in progressing a student through their school curriculum because of the opportunity for additional braille practice at home with the help of their parents.


Technical Review Papers Written Reports Presentations
Alexander Booth (.docx, .pdf) Accepted Written Proposal (.docx, .pdf) Proposal Presentation (.pptx, .pdf)
Azra Ismail (.docx, .pdf) Final Written Report (.docx, .pdf) Final Presentation/Poster (.pdf)
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Felipe Gonzalez (.docx, .pdf) Project Summary
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